Artist Spotlight: Local Natives

Local Natives

Leading up to September in St. Louis, we are looking to spotlight individual artists on the 2013 LouFest Lineup who we think you should add to your Custom Lineup.

From the local acts to headliners to the buzzworthy up-and-comers, stay tuned for more weekly showcases!

There’s no shortage of artists who put out great debut albums only to be struck with the dreaded sophomore slump. When combined with the difficulties of fame and exhaustion from nonstop touring, the pressure to deliver a strong follow-up can do a number on a band. That’s why it’s so shocking to see a group like Local Natives, who followed up their nearly-perfect debut with the even more refined Hummingbird earlier this year.

The new album comes from a happier, more experienced band than the one we met on 2010’s Gorilla Manor. Produced by former tourmate (and fellow LouFest 2013 performer) Aaron Dessner of The National (fellow 2013 LouFest performer), it takes everything that makes them great and holds a magnifying glass up to it. The drumwork is just as propulsive as ever, turning gentle songs into galloping rockers. (Don’t be surprised when you feel the floor toms slam you right in the gut when they play “Sun Hands”)

Still, the real highlight has to be the flawless harmonies that help them create some of the most sweeping and atmospheric rock to come out in years. Their huge sound is perfect for wide open spaces, which makes them a can’t miss for September.

Check out this stripped-down version of “Breakers” filmed live in Paris below.