Artist Spotlight: MODOC

While Nashville might always be known as the capital of country music, there’s been a serious rock ‘n roll revival going on in Music City over the last decade. Bands like The Black Keys and Kings of Leon have gone from sweating it out in dives five nights a week to headlining festivals and arenas across the world, and even Jack White left Detroit to make the city his new home and HQ. But while you can never ignore Nashville’s impressive history, it’s important to pay attention to the future of the city’s music. Right now it’s looking like that future is a four-piece called MODOC.


Despite the South’s reputation as easygoing and slow-moving, there’s a serious sense of urgency to everything MODOC does. Without warning, they’ll take off like a runaway train in the middle of a song. (Most runaway trains don’t have amazing harmonies, but you know what we mean.)

In addition to the frenzied pace of the music, it seems like MODOC is always on the road or hunkered down in a studio. Somehow they managed to write and record two albums in less than a year and a half and are already prepping their next release, a straightforward rocker due on August 27.

Be sure to see MODOC at LouFest before you have to settle for nosebleed seats in an arena. Their set on the BMI stage will be the perfect way to kick off your LouFest weekend, so come runnin’ to Forest Park next month and get in on the fun!