Artist Spotlight: Space Capone

After years of writing songs and obsessing over Earth Wind and Fire, Prince and Michael Jackson, Nashville’s Aaron Winters made a decision that would take his music to another level. He had released a few albums and put together a band, but something was missing.

Space Capone

It certainly wasn’t a lack of talent. Winters has a great voice, including a falsetto that would make Barry Gibb proud. He wanted something that would make him stand out more than other songwriters and give him some funky credibility; an ego boost to help him take his live performances to new highs. That’s when Space Capone, his overconfident (and oversexed) alter ego, was born.


While Aaron Winters is from rural Indiana, Space Capone has a much more unusual origin story. He came to Earth to “change the state of the music world and bring good vibes through funky good music,” all chronicled on his Transformation EPs. (Who knew aliens were fans of Ray Parker, Jr.?) While songs like “What Do You Call This Rock” and “A-Rod” follow his journey to our little blue planet, others are a bit looser with the concept. You don’t have to be an expert in intergalactic travel to get down to “Booty” or the infectious “I Just Wanna Dance.” All you need is an appreciation for funk, soulful sci-fi , and far-out frontmen.


Space Capone is bringing his intergalactic mission to Forest Park in September in an effort to funkify St. Louis. So if U.R.D.T.F. and just wanna dance, add this artist to your Custom Schedule so you can find your way to his set!