Artist Spotlight: The Mowgli’s

Whether we’re California Dreamin’, selling Californication, or just wishing they all could be California girls, the Golden State has always been a source of inspiration for rock music. But even though the days of L.A’s flashy hair metal scene and San Francisco’s hippie Mecca of Haight-Ashbury are decades behind us, there are still bands out there doing their best to represent the West Coast.

The Mowgli’s (yes, they’re aware of the misplaced apostrophe in their name) are the state’s newest exports and they’re ready to take you on a musical journey up U.S. 1 while spreading peace, love and understanding along the way.


Straight out of Los Angeles, The Mowgli’s represent everything that’s great about Southern California. Their songs are upbeat and sunny, providing an escape from real life where you can be in love with love and dream about winning the lottery and telling the bank to kiss your ass. Their live show is a genuinely joyous experience, like a Pacific Coast version of Matt and Kim. One of the most obvious differences is that The Mowgli’s are four times the size of their New York counterparts. Every chorus is delivered with heavy harmonies as all eight musicians somehow manages to squeeze onto one packed stage (or van).

This band is about way more than just pop songs, though. They stay true to their message of spreading love and goodwill and always encourage their fans to do the same. They even launched, where you can share stories, videos, and photos of your random acts of kindness with the band. In the past they’ve shown their appreciation by hooking up their favorite do-gooders with free tickets, access to meet and greets, merch, and other prizes. The Mowgli’s always have something up their sleeve, so let them know what you’ve been up to and maybe they’ll do a little something special in return.

Are you a Mowgli? Take in the good vibes at LouFest, where the band will be lighting up the Forest Park Stage with songs from their new album, Waiting for the Dawn.