Artist Spotlight: Twin Shadow

George Lewis Jr. has come a long way since his first album as Twin Shadow back in 2010. With suave lyrics and charmingly scrappy production, Forget was a moody self-recorded masterpiece that stood out among the other releases that were lumped together as part of the chillwave movement. Lewis channeled Morrissey on the lead single “Slow,” a song that featured the refrain “I don’t want to believe or be in love.” Since then he’s only improved his formula for dark, sexy synth-rock.


Last year he released his sophomore album, a much bolder take on 80s alternative, titled Confess. Taking inspiration from 80s icons like Gary Numan and Depeche Mode, the songs were much more hard-hitting and featured elements of industrial rock. Fortunately, the more aggressive songwriting only encouraged the signature Twin Shadow swagger. When Pitchfork asked about the simple yet striking cover art, which features a brooding Lewis posing in a leather jacket, the always style-conscious Lewis simply responded “I’m a good-looking guy, so there’s an attractive male on the cover of my record.” Bold, indeed.


But don’t let the vanity fool you: Twin Shadow is about much more than looking good in a studded leather jacket. This summer’s tour, still in support of ConfessThe True Story Tour, every date features Lewis (or his father, George Sr.) reading a different story from his life. Some will be funny, others will be solemn, but it will kick off the shows, which will revolve around the theme of storytelling. Fans in each city could even submit their own true stories for inclusion on his Forget Radio podcast.


Who knows what kind of stories you’ll be able to tell about Twin Shadow’s set at LouFest? Bust out that leather jacket and get some peroxide for your hair, because you’ll want to be a part of this show. If you’re not ready to start bleaching, you can always enjoy the surreal video for “Five Seconds” from Confess.