Artist Spotlight: Wild Cub

Wild Cub

For our next Artist Spotlight, we’re featuring five-piece Nashville band Wild Cub. Get to know them, check out their new album, then go add them to your Custom Schedule!

Wild Cub’s Youth is a perfectly titled album. The Nashville dance-rockers compiled a collection of hopelessly romantic songs that are meant to be enjoyed with the stereo up and windows down. Youth is going to be the soundtrack to obnoxiously cute summer flings everywhere and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. Not that anyone would want to, of course. Who could dislike music this fun?

The first single from Youth is “Thunder Clatter,” a story about looking for (and finding) love set against jittery guitars and dangerously danceable live percussion. With an equal appreciation for post-punk, soul and new wave, Wild Cub blurs genres and will have even the hippest of hipsters tapping their limited-edition kicks.

So – if you feel like falling in love this summer, their set will be the place to do it. Just lock eyes with someone during “Thunder Clatter” and let the band take care of the rest…

KEXP in Seattle recently recorded Wild Cub’s set at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop during SXSW. You can (and should) watch the whole thing below:

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