Colin Lake





One Thing That’s For Sure, the forthcoming album from Colin Lake, captures the songwriter’s unique musical vision, delivering penetrating lyrics with soul and gritty sincerity. On the album’s eleven original songs, Lake sings of love and longing, truth and transcendence, hope and struggle. These are love songs, but not just in the romantic sense — these are songs that celebrate love’s well earned triumph over fear, and tread the territory where light and shadows meet. On songs like “I’m Trying to Tell You” and the heavily distorted “Pay the Price”, Lake sings in desperate pleas, like a man fighting for his life, while in the chorus of the laid back title track and the sun-soaked refrain of “She’s Mine”, the singer swells with joy as he revels in the spoils of love. And why shouldn’t he; these songs were born in New Orleans — the world capital of revelry and joyful expression. And while Lake may not have been born there, you could say that in New Orleans he was born again.

Six years ago while visiting the city, the Seattle native met his future wife in the airport. The meeting sparked a cosmic chain reaction that would change his life forever. Overwhelmed by the gravity that seemed to be drawing him to the city, Lake moved to town less than a year later and his passion and innate feel for roots music would find fertile ground from which to spring. While his powerful vocal style and soulful touch on the guitar and lap steel owe heavily to countless blues greats, it’s Lake’s knack for song craft that sets him apart from almost anyone in that genre. In the textured layers of “The World Alive”, however, and on the spare, tender “Just Begun”, the artist demonstrates that he often isn’t working within one genre at all. Rather, he is drawing from his unique musical palette to create songs that reflect a personal journey which has already spanned great distances, both spiritually and geographically.

In the past year, Lake has opened for acts like Dr. John and Gary Clark Jr, and performed at festivals around the country, including the 2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival, Alabama’s Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival, the Key West Songwriters Festival and New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival. This Spring, Lake will make his debut at the legendary New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.