The Jane Shermans





Songwriter/ Producer Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon) has an eerie knack for quiet collaboration. This steady-handed muse with a finely tuned ear for melody has an uncanny ability to uncover and call forth the unique, iconic raw material in the emerging talents he finds. It was Angelo who looked at the young Followill brothers and saw Kings of Leon. His presence as their producer and co-writer (he co-wrote all of their breakout debut album, Youth and Young Manhood) drove the boys to plumb the depths of their Southern souls and emerge as one of the decade’s most distinctive rock and roll bands. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Angelo has struck a vein of sultry silver in chanteuse Eulene Sherman. Sherman has the kind of voice that sounds as though it started the race ahead of Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde and never lost its lead—it soars and shi vers, flecked with just enough smoky tarnish to let you know she’s been through the dark nights and neon-wet streets she’s singing about. If rock and roll has always, at its best, been able to kick down a few doors, The Jane Shermans are showing us how it can get done these days. Throwing aside the sentimentalized, Hallmark vision of life being lived that we’ve passively accepted for so long, Eulene Sherman shows us something much tougher, but much closer to the truth. And rock and roll is her megaphone. Don’t miss the call when it comes.