Those Darlins



2014 Schedule

Sat, Sep. 6th | 3:30 - 4:30 PM

Shade Stage

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Those Darlins are carving this legendary country western town (Nashville) a new legacy.” -NME

Those Darlins are an amazing band, and their songwriting/arranging this masterful elevates Blur The Line to modern-classic status. – BLURT


“Those Darlins come off like the toughest, most dangerous group around. They deliver thrilling song after thrilling song that’ll have you hyping them to all your rock & roll friends as soon the album stops spinning.” – ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“Those Darlins have mouths on them, yes they do. But their mouths are connected to their hearts and minds, and amped by loud guitars” – ROBERT CHRISTGAU A-, NPR’s ALL THING CONSIDERED