Death to False Funk: Lettuce

There’s funk, and then there’s FUNK. Do you think George Clinton or Herbie Hancock would settle for plain old, lowercase letter funk? No way! Then why should you? Thankfully, there’s a band that was born ready to give us what we want – NO! They’re here to give us what we need! Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, this is the mighty Lettuce!

It all started in East Coast jazz clubs, where the band would show up and beg managers to let them hop onstage. After crying “Let us play!” enough, they decided on the name Lettuce and tightened things up a bit. But between their rigorous tour schedule and the fact that making a record ain’t cheap, it took the band nearly ten years before they actually put out their first album. Titled Outta Here, it helped the band reach all new heights during their second decade together.

Sure, it took Lettuce another six years for Lettuce to put out their second LP, Rage. But these guys have been busy! In addition to playing festivals like Bonnaroo and Camp Bisco, they became the “official house band” of their beloved New York Knicks. Most recently, they’ve been touring behind their critically acclaimed 2012 album Fly. Consequence of Sound called it “great funk album for deep listening and deep grooving” and they’re not lying.

Working on your moves in preparation for the big weekend? You can’t do much better than Live in Tokyo, an album that captures Lettuce getting downright nasty over 6,000 miles away from home. Of course, that’s just a preview. Don’t miss the real thing when they take over the Shade Stage on Sunday, 9/7!