God Save The Queen: Alanna Royale

Alanna Quinn-Broadus barely knew anything about Nashville when she moved there from Boston, but pesky details like knowing your new city don’t matter much when you’re a natural born diva. She settled right in, recruited five friends (some old and some new), and formed the incomparable Alanna Royale, one of the city’s most promising new bands with talent, personality, and attitude to spare.

Their high-energy live shows have become downright legendary in Nashville, drawing huge crowds wherever they go. Local tastemakers No Country for New Nashville raved that “Saying Alanna‚Äôs voice is powerful is an understatement, since it could probably quell a peasant uprising with its mere ferocity.” Hopefully it never comes to that, but it’s nice knowing we can count on Alanna Royale to restore order.

While the whole band is involved with the songwriting process, Alanna handles all of the lyrics herself. But you could probably guess that she isn’t the type of artist who simply sits down with a pen and notepad. Instead, she prefers to spend some time freestyling over the band’s instrumentals until she hits something that feels right. This would almost be surprising if she wasn’t such a vocal fan of Wu-Tang Clan.

Their new album Achilles won’t be out until September 16, but there’s still plenty of music from Alanna Royale to hold you over until then. Check out Bless Her Heart on Spotify and prepare yourself for a mindblowing performance at LouFest this fall!