Goodness, Gracious… Black Pistol Fire!

Have you been wondering where all the true rockers went? Do you sometimes catch yourself longing for the good old days when it was all about long hair, loud guitars, and wild, shirtless drummers? Thankfully, there are still bands like Black Pistol Fire out there, fighting the good fight for reckless, sexy rock ‘n’ roll. They’re a Canadian powder keg, full of energy and ready to blow.

While they may draw some obvious comparisons to early Kings of Leon or The Black Keys, this gruesome twosome has a deep appreciation for the classics, cutting their teeth on Buddy Holly and CCR records. If you really want proof that these two did their rock ‘n’ roll homework, look not further than Shut Up!, a five-song tribute to rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Little Richard.

Just like their classic rock heroes, they have an old school work ethic and refuse to waste time twiddling knobs and adding overdubs on their records. Their newest album, this spring’s rollicking Hush or Howl, was recorded in only four days. What’s really impressive is the fact that it was the longest they’ve ever spent in the studio! Of course, less time spent recording just means more time for touring with the likes of Weezer and Wolfmother. Not a bad tradeoff…

So turn your speakers all the way up, open the windows, and blast Black Pistol Fire’s new album, Hush or Howl all summer long. By the time September rolls around, you’ll be nailing every air drum fill when they light up LouFest!