Happy Earth Day 2014!

On Sunday, April 27, the Muny Grounds in Forest Park will host the 25th St. Louis Earth Day Festival, one of the largest in the country. In addition to being a great opportunity to learn more about alternative energy, area wildlife and recycling, the day will have live music, yoga sessions and delicious food from former Nosh Pit restaurants like Atomic Cowboy and Pi Pizzeria.

Nothing beats a day in Forest Park! Photo by Ryan Walsh.

So as we celebrate Earth Day 2014, let’s look back at what we did at LouFest 2013 to ensure the health of Forest Park and other green spaces for years to come.

  • Over 26,000 water bottles were avoided with the free water filling station.
  • More than two-thirds of the waste at LouFest was able to be recycled or composted.
  • 250 of you got involved with our Rock & Recycle program, collecting reusable waste in exchange for t-shirts and other souvenirs.

Of course, we weren’t alone in our efforts. By using repurposed and responsibly resourced materials, Market Square vendors like Synergy Organic Clothing, Colette Paperie and Souldier are a guaranteed way to keep yourself stylin’ sustainably.

The Nosh Pit was full of environmentally-conscious restaurants, too. Local Harvest Café promotes seasonal eating by only using ingredients when they are at their natural peak, resulting in better flavor and more sustainable farming. If anyone was skeptical, one bite of their chicken and waffles or “The Best Cookie In The World” made them believers. Another STL favorite, Kaldi’s Coffee cooled us off with responsibly sourced herbal tea and iced coffee served in cups made from recycled goods

Thanks to the fine folks at Trailnet, we were able to provide a free bike valet that made getting to and from the festival a breeze. In addition to helping out at LouFest, they’re active year-round with programs that encourage alternatives to driving. One of the coolest features is their “Shift Your Commute” tool, which shows the impact you make when walking, biking, or using public transportation in St. Louis.

All of these restaurants, designers, and organizations do amazing work to make St. Louis a happy, healthy, beautiful place to live. Looking for a way to pitch in? Check out Forest Park Forever for more information on what you can do to help keep all 1,300 acres of everyone’s favorite park in pristine condition.

Happy Earth Day!