Meet the Kopecky Family

While they might not be a family in the traditional sense of the word, the musicians in Kopecky Family Band are just as tight as any blood relatives you’ve ever met. Half of the group’s members are classically trained while the other half are self taught, which makes for quite the creative dynamic. They can change instruments faster than you can say “Kopecky Family Band” and have an infectious energy that you couldn’t shake if you tried. But why would you?

Last year they released Kids Raising Kids, a record full of songs written during soundchecks and any downtime they had during years of nonstop touring in support of their four independently released EPs. But while the album may have been inspired by the people and places the band got to know on the road, they knew they had to bring it on home to Nashville when it came time to record. Of course, in typical Kopecky Family Band fashion, they weren’t able to stay in one place for long, and they immediately kicked off a tour in support of the new tunes.

But even though they’ve played huge festivals, performed on The Tonight Show, and toured with bands like Gogol Bordello and The Lumineers, this Tennessee six-piece comes from pretty humble beginnings. They got their start squished between twin-XL beds and cheap stackable furniture during a jam session in a Belmont University dorm room back in 2007. Seven years, four EPs and one terrific album later, and that jam session is still going strong.

Want more Kopecky Family Band? Check out Kids Raising Kids, the debut album Paste called “the first big step towards an ever-rising future” then get ready to join the family this fall at LouFest.