Moon Taxi: Nashville’s Best-Kept Secret

While there’s definitely no shortage of great bands coming out of Nashville these days, it’s much more than a case of another city that appreciates good music. It’s the kind of town that supports its artists and creates a real sense of community. When the musicians in Moon Taxi started playing together at Belmont University over a decade ago, they were simply backing a pair of local rappers. Now they’re running their own record label, touring the world, and always doing it on their own terms.

Their sound is almost impossible to pin down. They may have some jam band tendencies, but their harmonies and penchant for big choruses share a lot more in common with anthemic indie rockers like Local Natives and Arcade Fire. They also walk a fine line between prog rock and funk that is unlike anything you’ve heard before. (“Hey, you got your Rush in my Stevie Wonder!“) Combined with a knack for writing catchy melodies, this genre-bending has set them apart from their contemporaries and is taking them to new heights.

Singles like “Mercury,” “Running Wild” and “Morocco” are undeniably catchy. It was only a matter of time before these earworms reached the right audience, and tours with artists like Matisyahu and Gov’t Mule introduced Moon Taxi to the world. Of course, making stellar albums like Cabaret and last year’s Mountains Beaches Cities certainly didn’t hurt, either. Their most recent release is Acoustic on West 56th, a charming six-song EP that showcases stripped-down and re-worked takes on songs from the new album.

Don’t miss the band American Songwriter called “Nashville’s best-kept secret.” Stream Mountains Beaches Cities on Spotify and get to know Moon Taxi before they hit the Shade Stage in a few weeks.