Say “Ello Ello” to RAC

What do Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Washed Out, Phantogram, and Ra Ra Riot have in common? Well, besides the fact that they’re all LouFest performers, of course…

Give up? They’re among the dozens of artists who have collaborated with RAC on remixes and original songs over the past few years.

It all started in nearby Greenville, Illinois, where Andre Anjos was going to school for music business and playing in a local rock band. But after he started working with Aaron Jasinski and Chris “Crookram” Anelovski online, the Remix Artist Collective was born. They didn’t identify with the club-centric trends in the EDM scene at the time, so they started taking tracks by indie rock bands like Tegan & Sara and Tokyo Police Club and using retro instruments to reinterpret and reimagine the songs.

Eventually Anjos became the only consistent member of the group, releasing a string of successful mixtapes through Stereogum. Everybody from Foster the People to Lana Del Rey wanted to work with RAC. His most recent release, this year’s Strangers, is one of the funkiest, most playful dance albums to come out in years. It’s a little bit disco, a little bit EDM, and a whole lotta fun.

By bringing together a diverse group of musicians, RAC is breaking genre barriers and creating something anyone can get down to. Don’t be a stranger for this homecoming set at LouFest! Get out there and let go!