The Mystery of Young & Sick

While a lot of bands will take on corporate sponsorships or license their music for commercials to make a quick buck, the Los Angeles-based music and art project Young & Sick will always be doing things on their own terms. When record labels were lining up to release their “Continuum” single in 2013, the band turned down six-figure offers and posted it for free in the darkest corners of the internet.

The story of Young & Sick starts with Nick Van Hofwegen, a Dutch artist who was living in Los Angeles when he got his big break doing album artwork for Foster the People and Maroon 5. It didn’t take long before it became obvious that his talents stretched far beyond his illustrations. He lit up the blogosphere with early singles like “House of Spirits” and “Continuum,” and the buzz was only accelerated by the fact that all anyone really knew about him was his first name.

But after months of anticipation and blog hype, Young & Sick finally released their self-titled debut earlier this year. Pitchfork called it “charming, undeniable music that bops its way out onto the dancefloor with relaxed charm,” while Stereogum dubbed his sound “effortlessly beautiful silicon soul.” You know it’s a good sign when an album has the power to turn rock critics into poets.

But while there are an infinite number of great reviews out there, don’t just take the critics’ word for it! Give Young & Sick a listen for yourself and you’ll understand just what everybody’s been talking about. If you’re feeling it (and we know you will), add them to MyLouFest and catch their set in Forest Park this September!.