The Year of Cherub

In the last few years, Nashville’s thriving punk and indie scenes have brought a much-needed breath of fresh air to Music City. Independent labels, rock clubs, and record stores have made it easier than ever for local rockers to make great music on their own terms, and the reign of slick mainstream country is beginning to fade. But while the days of big belt buckles and sequined nudie suits may be a distant memory, one gruesome twosome is representing Nashvegas in their own flashy, tacky way. Fueled by Italian disco and champagne, the guys in Cherub would like to welcome you to the new Nashville.

After years on the festival circuit and opening for everyone from Pretty Lights to Sound Tribe Sector 9, the guys developed a dedicated following of their own. Of course, the fact that the clip for “Doses and Mimosas” became a viral hit on YouTube certainly didn’t hurt. A few million views led to a few million calls from record labels, and Cherub had finally made it.

The band satisfied everyone’s appetites this spring when they followed up their Antipasto EP with Year of the Caprese. Their major label debut, the album has drawn comparisons to everyone from Chromeo to funk pioneers Zapp, but the band probably put it best when they said it sounds like “The Bee Gees and DJ Screw playing at Aaliyah’s birthday party.” But while there’s no doubt that a lot of what they do is tongue-in-cheek, Cherub is totally serious when it comes to keeping things funky and danceable.

They were definitely feeling Year of the Caprese over at Rolling Stone, praising its “combination of intelligence, humor, rhythm and hooks galore.” Have a little taste for yourself and be sure to come back for second helpings at LouFest.