Welcome Kins to St. Louis

After spending this spring zig-zagging around Europe supporting LouFest alums Phantogram, intercontinental indie rockers Kins will be making their way across the pond for an American tour that includes their St. Louis debut. While the ideal welcome might be greeting them with a giant plate of toasted ravioli and some Schlafly six-packs, it might be easier to check out their music and catch them at LouFest this fall. Let’s get you introduced…

It all started on the other side of the world in Melbourne, Australia. That’s when singer/guitarist Thom Savage met drummer Alex Knight, who was playing with another band on the bill that night. Alex moved to London to make music and found himself without a band when Thom relocated to nearby Brighton. The rest of the pieces fell into place when “friend of a friend” Rob Walters jumped in on bass and Kins was born.

Their songs are anxious and fragile, which fits the seaside town the bands calls home, where every day must feel like Sunday. But while they might draw obvious comparisons to other moody British rockers like Radiohead and Alt-J, don’t think they’re a bunch of one note guys. The band’s influences range from the doom and gloom of Swans to hip-hop pioneer Q-Tip.

Now that you’ve met Kins, check out their self-titled debut on Spotify and get ready to welcome them to the Lou in September. (The ravioli is optional.)