We’re Never Gonna Quit It: The 1975

There’s something about Manchester… Over the years, the city has been ground zero for a staggering number of England’s greatest musical exports. From Oasis to Joy Division, The Smiths to The Chemical Brothers, there’s something special about life in this Northern town. LouFest is proud to welcome the latest band to come out of this rock ‘n’ roll incubator to Forest Park. Ladies and gentlemen, this is The 1975.

A slick combination of indie rock, pop, and 1980s R&B, The 1975 is the musical equivalent to rolling up the sleeves on your satin jacket and cruising around in your DeLorean. If you think we’re exaggerating, consider the fact that singer/guitarist/dreamboat Matty Healy has cited director John Hughes as an influence. Regarding their self-titled debut, Healy said “if he [Hughes] made a movie about us, this would be the soundtrack.”

They’re planning on getting slightly more modern with their next album, taking a cue from ’90s R&B like D’Angelo and – believe it or not – Backstreet Boys. It’s more about the songwriting than simple nostalgia, though. Healy told Digital Spy, “‘As Long As You Love Me’ is a great pop song, I mean it’s an amazing melody line and it does some very clever things.” I guess that means we’ll be waiting a bit longer to see The 1975 poppin’ and lockin’…

After conquering Glastonbury and Coachella, The 1975 are bringing their “laser-guided festival singalongs” to Forest Park. Until then, check out their debut album on Spotify. It’ll only take one listen before you’ve got songs like “Chocolate” and “Sex” stuck in your head for days. Or weeks. Or until LouFest.