Wild Ones: Get To Know Those Darlins

While Nashville might be famous for its delicious hot chicken, a banner hanging in front of the legendary record store Grimey’s proved to be a little too spicy for some folks in the Music City. It went up unannounced, a simple black and white photo of four people nude from the waist down. Some residents erupted with their best Helen Lovejoy impressions, but most people just wanted to know what it was all about. The people behind this stunt? You’d better believe it was those country punks in Those Darlins.

The image was the artwork for the band’s latest LP, last year’s Blur The Line. The album captures the band in their most natural form with some of their sharpest songwriting yet. Of course, it still has its fair share of rockers. Songs like “Optimist” and “In the Wilderness” (both of which came with NSFW videos) combine girl group vocals with power pop guitars for a rowdy good time.

With brutally honest and downright aggressive lyrics, Those Darlins can come across like a twangy version of punk icons like Patti Smith or Lou Reed. That’s why it’s no surprise to learn that they appreciate Hank Williams and Iggy Pop equally, celebrating all kinds of rebellion in music. But while they haven’t quite earned battle scars like Iggy or found themselves banned from the Grand Ole Opry (yet), a fierce independent streak is what makes Those Darlins one of the most compelling bands of any genre.

Can’t get enough of Those Darlins? Check out Blur the Line, the album Spin called “tough and seductive.” Give it a spin, add them to MyLouFest, and strap yourself in for what is sure to be one of the most riotous sets in LouFest history!